It’s your choice

Around 70 great residential holidays... Activity, Houseparty or Specialist Venture... England, Wales or Switzerland... it's your choice!

We're all different - we have different personalities and different interests, we're good at some things, not so good at others. So that's why we have different types of Venture.

Each different type of Venture is available for children and teenagers aged 8 to 18, so no-one misses out.


An Activity Venture has loads going on, but will focus on outdoor activities. Most activity Ventures provide opportunities to enjoy a range of outdoor activities through the week. Typically these could include kayaking, abseiling, ghyll scrambling, sailing, rock-climbing, mountain-biking, raft-building and a host of other active pursuits. But as with all Ventures, there are still loads of other games and activities to keep everyone laughing and happy. Outdoor activities are either run under our AALA licence or provided by outside contractors with their own licence.

Some of us are happiest when we're hanging off a cliff or being soaked in a river. If this is you, maybe an Activity Venture is for you?

Our Activity Ventures cover some really exciting activities - you can abseil, canoe, try your skills on high ropes, go hill walking, build rafts, try fencing (and we don't mean build fences), mountain boarding, or archery. And if you really love getting wet you can even do coasteering. And if you don't know what coasteering is, why not give it a try?

Whatever you choose you'll have a great time - your leaders really know what they're doing and as well as the 'active' activities there are loads of other fun things to keep you busy.

Our activity Ventures run a programme where you experience a range of activities throughout the week.

To find our activity Ventures choose the activity icon on the find a Venture page.


Houseparties are often described as "one big happy family" and like the best families they offer something for everyone. Houseparties offer a wide range of activities, allowing people to try new things or familiar ones as they prefer. Sports, games, craft and trips are all often part of a Houseparty Venture. Some houseparty Ventures also offer a limited range of outdoor activities.

The pic 'n' mix of Ventures, Houseparties really offer something for everyone. So many different activities, and so little time to fit them in - your choice of crafts, games, sports, trips - you'll find them all on a Houseparty.

Perhaps this is why people keep coming back? They've not been able to do everything that was on offer at their last Houseparty

Think of the best party you've ever been to. Now imagine it taking place in a really cool boarding school; imagine it with loads of really good new friends; imagine it with cool leaders who help you find out more about God; and imagine it lasting for days! That sounds like a Houseparty Venture to us. No two Houseparties are the same, so make your choice from all the different ones on offer - you won't be disappointed.


Like our other holidays, a Specialist Venture will offer a wide range of activities to suit all sorts of people, but it has a specific theme. This might be drama, or music, or perhaps spending time on a barge or sailing. Your Specialist Venture will enable you to take your interest or skill to the next level, while still enjoying all the other Venture activities.

Whichever type of Venture you choose, you'll be sure to meet people like you who want to have a great time with leaders who want you to help you have a great time. Perhaps that's why members (and leaders!) keep coming back. And on every Venture you'll have plenty of opportunity to get to know God better.

Sometimes you may think, 'if only I could spend time on that, I'm sure I'd really enjoy it'. Well, check out our Specialist Ventures, we may have just the holiday for you. All the good bits that make up a Venture, and the chance to master a skill as well.

Some things really do take a bit more time to get the hang of. Whether it's mastering the lock gates on a canal cruise, or navigating the Norfolk Broads, or learning a new piece of dance or drama, or some new music. A Specialist Venture will take you further into your speciality of choice, helping you master your chosen craft, and learn more about yourself and your friends in the process.

But don't imagine it's all hard work - not at all! We're sure you'll have as much fun and laugh as much on a Specialist Venture as on any other. Find your choice of Venture.

What are Falcons?

Falcons provide challenge, excitement, fun and rest for 8-18 year olds.


We love to see and hear what you've done at a Falcon. Tell us your thoughts.

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