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We love to see and hear what you've done on your Venture. Read some comments from Venture members and leaders – and use this page to tell us about your own experiences.

Stories from Ventures


'The kids who said the talks made profound things simple ... the girl who said she wanted to put the Lord Jesus first in her life after the Venture ... the joy of seeing young leaders grow during the week ... kids being secure and happy.' (Celia, leader on Stanbridge Earls 3)

'Being a venture leader and seeing pathfinders grow in their faith while having such
a great time has to be one of the highlights of my year...Bring on next year!' David, leader on Stanbridge Earls 4)

'The Whitby venture for me is like coming home, home to a family of people who love and serve God,each other and the young people, whole heartedly committing themselves each year to speaking truth and having fun with children who want to get know to Jesus.' (Laura, leader on Whitby)

Young People

'After the 10 days were up I had made some of my best and closest friends that I still keep in touch with today... It has a little something for everyone and everybody who goes is welcoming, friendly, funny and understanding.' (Abbie, Camper at Criccieth 2)

'The leaders are great and I get on really well with them. The worship is excellent and I get a lot out of the talks ... I feel more connected to God here, with the confidence to share experiences with other young people.' (Simeon Scott, aged 15, Adcote 2)

'I learned about God, experienced new activities and made lots of new friends! I am looking forward to our reunion ... and to next year!' (Venture member from Stanbridge Earls 3)

'It's is the best thing I have discovered in my life. It's great fun and I guarantee you won't get bored, there are fantastic bible studies in dorm groups and as the whole camp all together' (Mikey, Casterton 2)

'One of the leaders especially helped me. I come from a non-Christian family and even though I had gone to youth group and church for a little while I still had loads of questions, things I wanted to know the answer to. She was so easy to approach, to talk to and it didn't feel embarrassing asking her.' (Lauren, Casterton 1)


'Our daughter attended Lindfield, her first ever Venture. She and her friend enjoyed the trip to Thorpe Park and archery, but also really enjoyed the teaching and discussion groups. So much can be done for the kingdom in a week which cannot be done through a whole year of occasional meetings.' (Richard, parent of Venture member)

'I think the fact that we know it's secure and they're well looked after with Christian input and it gives them chance to go off without us and learn to be independent but in a safe environment.' - (Parent of Venture member)

Back to reality

Ventures are such a brilliant experience that many young people (and leaders!) can find it tough adjusting to being back at home. Here's some great of ways in which you can get through the Post-Ventures Blues!

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Tell us about your Ventures experience

All the quotes and the pictures you'll find in the brochure and on the website come from people who have been on a Venture. Please feel free to tell us anything, like what you've particularly enjoyed or how we can make Ventures better. Don't forget to tell us which Venture you were on, and if you want to share your photos, please tell us who's in the picture!


What are Falcons?

Falcons provide challenge, excitement, fun and rest for 8-18 year olds.


We love to see and hear what you've done at a Falcon. Tell us your thoughts.

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