OBS is the Online Booking System for Ventures and Falcon. It is usually reserved for the use of overall leaders, treasurers and booking contacts.

Important update - 21 January 2015

We have recently been advised by our IT providers that we are no longer able to access OBS via web browsers. We're very sorry for any inconvenience. This change is to ensure we remain compliant with data security standards that have changed recently.

Instead, you can access OBS directly via Remote Desktop Connection. Details of how to do this are below.


How do I get access to OBS?

To access OBS you will need to sign up to terms and conditions of use relating to data protection and then we can issue you with a username, password and handbook. Please email us at ventures@cpas.org.uk to get the process started.

How do I use Remote Desktop Connection?

You will need to use software called 'Remote Desktop Connection' to access OBS.

Windows computers: This software is already installed on most Windows computers. To log into OBS, open your Start menu, then either search for 'Remote Desktop Connection' or find it in your 'Accessories' folder. Click to open, then enter the Computer name as obs.ventures.org.uk and your OBS username. Click 'Connect'. You will be told the certificate doesn't match the computer you are trying to connect to, please click to connect anyway. It will then ask for your password, and then log you into OBS. If you are using Windows 8 and the RDC software is not pre-installed, you can download it here.

Mac users: You will need to download the latest software, which you can find here. Enter the PC name as obs.ventures.org.uk, and your username and password, then click enter. You will be told the certificate doesn't match the computer you are trying to connect to, please click to connect anyway.

How do I use OBS?

For instructions on how to use OBS see the OBS Handbook. We will send you a copy with your username and password after you've signed up to be an OBS user. If you have questions which the handbook doesn't answer, please get in touch.

Still stuck?

If you are having trouble logging into OBS, please do contact us for help.

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