Telling others

We'd love you to tell people about the life-changing holidays we provide. Here you'll find some ideas to help you do this.

Ventures work best when they harness the enthusiasm and support of the widest number of people. And especially of our young people. The best advocates for a Venture are the young people themselves, and there is surely no stronger recommendation than a personal testimony. This is why we use actual quotes from members in our brochure, and created the video of Lydia's story which shows a young person's experience of Ventures. However, there are ways in which you can make sharing this more effective.

We have prepared a few examples of activities which have helped some Venture leaders get the message across, please look at a few suggestions, but we are always keen to learn more - please tell us here. The common denominator we have found is telling people what is going on, and getting them involved ...

If you are part of a church, ask them to pray regularly for your Venture. You could show this PowerPoint presentation to guide your prayers. As you plan your Venture, update them on progress; when the brochure is published, encourage them to consider family members or friends who might attend. If they are able to, encourage them to volunteer. And don't be shy - you're offering children and young people an experience that they will almost all find fantastic!

Take your message out from the church to other places where it may strike a chord. For example, a Venture is a great opportunity for a youth group to grow and have fun together. If they plan ahead, they may even organise a number of fund-raising events during the spring to help reduce the cost.

New to Ventures?

Find out more about Ventures, watch a short video and get involved with Ventures.


We love to see and hear what you've done on your Venture. Tell us your thoughts.

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