Taking my group on a Venture

Few youth or church groups have the resources to organise the sort of holiday offered by a Venture, and few groups will leave a Venture without benefits which last long after the holiday has finished.

Groups thrive when they experience new things together, and are further strengthened when they can build on these shared experiences when they return home. No matter if it is a CYFA, Pathfinder or Explorer aged group, all can benefit from attending a Venture together.

One leader who took his group on a Venture and saw this double benefit: 'Taking a group to a Venture really helps build our relationships and our faith. We have a week to have fun, to share, learn and grow together, and the benefits last long after the Venture has finished.'

Few group leaders would question the benefit of spending such quality time together, and doing exciting new things. But few have the time or the energy to plan such things, and the cost of doing it for a small group can be prohibitive. So for most groups a Venture provides a simple solution to their residential needs.

For leaders, signing up to a Venture also eliminates the burden on the leaders of planning and overseeing activities. This means that they can be free to enjoy themselves and to build relationships with their group members, rather than on making the holiday run smoothly. Or, if circumstances dictate, they can send the group along to a Venture without attending themselves. Whatever solution is most appropriate, a Venture offers a holiday that few youth groups could achieve on their own.

Ventures also provide great opportunities for group members to develop new friendships alongside their existing ones, and to explore their faith with people who are not directly involved in their day-to-day lives. This can be particularly helpful if your group is small as young people get to see the Christian faith lived out by other Christians, and seeing that there is life outside their own small group.

As another leader says: 'After 20 years, I know that Ventures continues to make a huge impact on our young people's lives - and on mine!'

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